Piano Repair Singapore

Are you looking to repair your piano? Then you have come to the right place! Piano Owners across Singapore definitely encounter damages to their pianos at some point of time. Be it a big problem or a minor one, at Piano Doremi we are surely able to help you to restore your piano to its former glory. Most commonly faced damages are parts subjected to wear and tear such as, broken piano strings, broken piano action, sticky keys and many more.

However, not all Piano damages are from the usual wear and tear. Singapore being a tropical country with a humid climate, these beautiful pianos if unprotected fall prey to the high humidity. Humidity will cause the wood to swell and severely affects the piano’s aesthetics –in some worse cases affect the sound quality. Inexperienced movers and irresponsible piano technicians have been known to damage pianos by negligent handling and unprofessional techniques too.

At Piano Doremi, we understand how fragile pianos are and treat every single piano with respect. Our experienced staffs are also able to repair some uncommon damages such as Carpet Beetle Attack and even cracked Pianos.

Carpet Beetle Insect Attack
Insect Attack post clean up

Post Clean Up. Pre Installation.


All existing felt MUST be changed.

Felt eaten into powder

Felt eaten up into powder.

Insect attack is a common problem in Singapore. These carpet beetle survive with water from the humidity, food (the cloth felt in your piano) and air. For piano owners who do not keep their piano heater on 24/7, the chances of insect attack in the piano are extremely high.  How do you know that your piano is facing this problem? If you find that your piano keys are sluggish and it can move significant sideway, you may want to consider contacting us to check the piano for you. Here are some pictures of the pianos that we have clean up from carpet beetle.

Pedal Work
Broken PedalQuoting one of our customer, “A piano with pedal is like a car without wheels”. Piano pedal allows the pianist to express himself. The mechanism of the pedal system is extremely simple. Some of the common problem is due to normal wear and tear in the pedal system. If you find that your pedal is not working properly after a recent move, it may be due to misalignment during the move. We also have customers who have broken pedals because of mishandling by movers.