Piano Regulation Singapore

Why do you need Piano Regulation?
Does your piano keys feel loose? Does your piano keys feel harder to press? Then you have come to the right place! At Piano DoReMi, we have Piano Doctors to help you to solve anything! While the frequency of your use will mostly determine how often you will need piano regulation, other factors also play a part. Some of these include: the quality of the instrument. how much it has been exposed to certain climatic conditions like humidity, and the age/condition of the piano. All of these work together in deciding when it’s time for a piano owner to seek services to regulate their piano. Every precious piano needs its action parts to be reconditioned periodically to restore and bring out the best of the piano; and that is exactly what we do best.
 Is your Piano showing any symptoms?
  • Stuck Keys
  • Piano keys feel slightly loose under your fingers as you play
  • Repeated notes are harder to play
  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Overall reduced in functionality
Difference Between Tuning & Regulation
It is important to note how different the tuning process is from what we do. Tuning usually focuses on correcting your piano’s pitch by working on the strings, while the regulating we do targets the action parts through fine adjustments to the mechanical parts that move in the piano. We know your pianos are a major investment, and so should only be entrusted to the care of qualified technicians like us for regular piano regulation and general servicing. Get your Piano serviced today!

Piano Regulation Cost
Upright Piano – Starts from $150
Grand Piano – Starts from $250

Book A Regulation Session

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  • Any particular problems that you face with your piano? Let us know in advance so that we can prepare the tools required.