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Kawai and Yamaha Pianos for Sale in Singapore

Yamaha and Kawai products are highly sought after because of their outstanding reputation in piano performances and practices.

These brands are built to age well with use just like fine wine.

Piano DoReMi stocks well-loved pianos that will enrich your life with melodious tunes.

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Pre-Loved Pianos in Singapore for Best Value

Most people are hesitant to purchase a secondhand product due to devaluation and doubtful quality.

How can upcoming pianists, especially children, unlock their musical potential without practising on a quality instrument?

Piano DoReMi ensures the best quality piano reaches your fingertips with our own pre-sale 89 points checklist.

Our specially formulated checklist is intended to catch all the tiny details like scratch marks, tuning, and sound consistency before you can even think of it!

Our in-house restoration team ensures that the piano you receive is as good as new, without the typical worries that come with a secondhand purchase.

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Yamaha Pianos

The U series is exceedingly famous for its brighter tones, making this a favourable choice for players of any level.

Yamaha pianos are well known for their stability which helps pianists to:

  • identify key signatures
  • types of rhythms and harmonies used in a song.

A well-tuned and regulated Yamaha piano will definitely give the pianist a fantastic playing experience and Piano DoReMi does that for you!

Our pre-loved U series pianos come completely restored, tuned, and will provide you with a better playing experience than brand new ones with every note.

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Kawai Pianos

Kawai pianos are a popular choice among professionals and students looking for a more affordable alternative compared to larger grand pianos.

Did you know a Kawai K-500 model offers a richness that sounds as amazing as grand pianos?

It’s due to its duplex scales in treble and bass!

With Piano DoReMi’s fine-tuning, our Kawai pianos will give you a lifetime of lilting tunes.

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Are You Ready for An Amazing Music Experience?

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Our piano offers include an adjustable chair to encourage good posture and habits for the most comfortable playing experience, just for you.

If Kawai or Yamaha isn’t the one for you, we have other brands like:

Fritz Kuhla



We’ll set you up with the perfect piano right away.