NEW! Ultimate Piano Buying Guide!

Buying a used piano in Singapore is honestly the best option if you are on a tight budget. Here’s why.

Like Gold/ Jewelry, the moment you walk out of the shop, the value instantly becomes half of what it used to be. Similarly, for Piano it is exactly the same. So, why pay full price when you can get similar piano at a WAY LOWER budget? And use the savings to treat yourself to a good holiday while getting your Piano. You don’t have to look elsewhere, if you’re reading this now, you’re in the right place.

The Second Hand Pianos that we have are premium quality Branded Japan Pianos from Yamaha and Kawai, we don’t believe in compromising quality for money and vice-versa. Easier said than done, getting a Used Piano needs a careful eye much the same way you would with cars; which we’ll be teaching on what to look out for and walk you through our 6 step quality selection process on whether the Second Hand Piano is worthy to be in our showroom.

Here are the 6 Key Steps for beginners to look out for when purchasing Second Hand Pianos from dealers or platforms like Carousell :

1. How old is the instrument?

2. Does it have unusual sounds?

3. Do any keys stand out softer or harder?

4. Are the internal components well-aligned?

5. Are all strings present or some replaced?

6. Is the external appearance satisfying?


Don’t be fooled by the age of the piano! In fact, older pianos produce better sound quality due to seasoning of the wood like how a guitar or violin does. Many people have the misconception that old pianos are of subpar quality – This is true ONLY if the interior has not been reconditioned. The key to getting the ultimate piano is to have seasoned quality sound with good interior action parts, which has always been the motto of Piano DoReMi.


Many old pianos before undergoing restoration works may produce unusual sounds because interior parts may fall loose over time. So, do keep a lookout and a keen ear when trying out used pianos, to save yourself from a ton of restoration fees later.

Condition of Piano

Many Second Hand Pianos before reconditioning may have been worn out after all the years of practicing. Do keep in mind that the level of reconditioning plays a huge role in your budget to get your piano in shape. Minor restorations like regulation, key leveling and restringing are relatively affordable but exterior restorations can be rather costly! Estimate the condition of the piano before buying, you don’t want to end up spending a ton on restoration works. Do contact us if you need advice!

Of course, there are many questions to consider. Ensure that both interior action parts are in good working order and exterior body is of your satisfactory level. Do also take note of unethical Used Piano sellers in the market on various platforms such as Carousell, an inexperienced eye may fall prey to paying for a damaged piano. However, Registered Second Hand Piano dealers such as Piano DoReMi, are able to provide warranty and customer support after your purchase. You’ll never need to worry that you have been short changed.

How To Assess A Pre Loved Piano

It is crucial to know about the background of the Piano, as it can determine whether big spending is needed to restore it. It can also tell the current condition of the piano and whether it is worth to repair. Here are some pointers to pay attention:

Has the Piano Heater been on all the time?

In a humid country like Singapore, water vapour in the air is always in constant contact with your piano. Water vapour can cause swelling of wood, damaging it functionally and aesthetically.

How regularly is the Piano tuned?

When assessing the piano, the seller should disclose that how often has it been tuned. Normally, a piano should be tuned at least twice a year. If it has not been tuned, but frequently used, then it’s a sign that you are going to spend a lot in servicing it. Ensure that it has been maintained by a qualified and registered piano technician.

If you’re still unsure…

Hiring a qualified piano technician may save you lots of questions to the seller. The technician will be able to diagnose internal problems that could compromise the tonal quality of the second hand piano. Based on the findings, you will be able to choose or bargain for the lowest prices. This strategy works for both the second hand piano Singapore dealers and individuals.

Piano DoReMi is definitely able to provide you quality advice when selecting a suitable second hand piano for your journey. Contact us today to find out more!