Kawai Used Piano

Kawai Pianos offer good quality sound at reasonable prices. With over 80 years of Piano making experience, Kawai Pianos Makers are very experienced in Piano Design. Kawai Piano Crafting Technology is advancing and introduced the use of plastic for the casting of piano parts. Usually, Pianos made out of wood are prone to damage by humidity. By using of plastic action parts, it essentially eliminates the problem without compromising the sound quality.


Why you should choose a Kawai Piano?

Kawai Pianos are generally more durable with advanced Piano Crafting Technology; meaning that Second Hand Pianos or Used Pianos will still produce quality sound as good as a brand new piano. Kawai Pianos are made in Japan making it a hot favourite among Singaporeans who seek affordable pianos with a unique mellow and richer sound. A majority of pianists who play Steinway Pianos also prefer Kawai Pianos for the distinctive warm sound that other brands are not able to offer. Kawai offers a vast range of pianos to provide pianists of all levels, which will certainly give the pianist an extraordinary playing experience.

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