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Why Second Hand Pianos?

At Piano DoReMi, we don’t believe in compromising quality for price. We believe in giving value to you.

Buying a used piano in Singapore is honestly the best option if you are on a tight budget. Here’s why.

Like Gold/ Jewelry, the moment you walk out of the shop, the value instantly becomes half of what it used to be. Similarly, for Piano it is exactly the same. So, why pay full price when you can get similar piano at a way lower budget? And use the savings to treat yourself to a good holiday while getting your Piano. You don’t have to look elsewhere, if you’re reading this now, you’re in the right place.

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Used Piano Singapore

Affordable Quality Pianos from Japan

We offer a wide variety of quality used pianos of well known brands such as Yamaha and Kawai. Buying second hand pianos are a popular option for many. As compared to buying a new piano, second hand pianos are available for sale at a significantly lower price. Furthermore, should there be a need to sell off the piano in the future, the depreciation of a used piano is lower than a brand new piano.

However, it is not easy to get a good quality second hand piano that will be able to last a long time. Afterall, it requires experience to evaluate whether the piano is still in good condition. If the piano requires repair work, it will be more costly for the buyer. Without the professional skills and knowledge to evaluate a used piano, it will be risky to buy a used piano from another pianist.

Our Master Technician is experienced and has sharp eyes for handpicking Quality Piano. Equipped with intricate repairing skills, rest assured that at Piano DoReMi, our Quality Control  for our Second Hand Pianos will be in Tip-top condition.

At Piano DoReMi, we believe that every piano has a story. Regardless of its history, we want you to see the beauty of them. We have affordable and suitable pianos for beginners and professional pianists to enjoy those long practice sessions. We insist on only offering pianos that are fine tuned and well regulated.

Other than our quality piano, we are well known for our great service. We will go to great extent to ensure that we have happy customers who know that we will always be there for them, even after buying our pianos. 

Don’t take our words for it, check out what our happy customers have to say!

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Why you should choose us.


We strongly believe in Customer Education. We’d love to open up our piano for clients to learn more about the inside of the piano. Know what is going on inside your piano, we’ll show you how to identify original parts – What you see is what you get. Be a smart customer, and not fall prey to dishonest dealers who give unoriginal Piano Parts!

Original Parts

We insist on only enhancing and upgrading the piano. No original parts are changed in our second hand pianos. Even if there are worn parts, we get our parts from the respective Original Manufacturers. We want to bring out the most authentic sound and experience for you.

Wide Range of Piano Brands

Even though our speciality is with Yamaha and Kawai Pianos, We are aware that every client has different needs and budget for their piano. Look forward to a variety of brands and models that will satisfy your requirement. There is a suitable piano for everyone!

Professional Technicians

Besides tuning, we are also able to do repair work. Whether it is major or minor repair, we have the necessary tools and parts readily available. You can be sure that your piano will be safe in our hands in the long run. Not many Piano Dealers out there are able to do their own repair work.

Some of the Brands we offer :

Hear what our Customers have to say

Affordable Quality Pianos from Japan

“I rented the digital grand piano for my proposal. June is really nice and accommodating in allowing me to come down for a viewing before making a decision. Apart from the slight issue that we tried to solve with the connections, everything went pretty smoothly on the actual day in the end. The piano sounds good too! Thank you once again!”

Dennis Lee

“A special shout out to your whole team who served me when i bought my Miki 1. I was well hosted by June for my viewing appointment. She was also very knowledgeable and generous in sharing her knowledge. I definitely learnt so much more about piano. During the delivery day, the delivery team was professional. It was a great purchase and of course, an enjoyable buying process. Oh, tuner uncle also did a great job in tuning the piano! I am happy with my piano, a great joy to practise with. Piano DoReMi has always been my recommendation to family and friends. There are always ready to assist me with a smile. Thank you. “

Ms Bethany

” I rented a digital grand piano from Piano DoReMi for a school reunion party with more than 160 attendees. This was held at the Fort Canning Hotel on 1 Aug.  June Seow was the relationship manager who handled my request. She was very responsive and professional. She sent me pics of the cable connection board and even went on site to do a recce with the event organiser to ensure all details were tied up.
The digital grand piano was a joy to play. Everyone at the reunion party was admiring it, especially since it is freshly polished for each event. For some pianists, they could not help cast a enthusiastic eye at the piano. One teacher even took a whatsapp pic and sent it to her son “Look son, what a fantastic digital grand !!”
The event was a success and everyone enjoyed the cool sounds of the digital grand. Thanks June and team! “

Mr Bernard Chan

“I rented the digital baby grand piano for my company event. June was very accomodating and her experience had saved us from almost delaying the opening. Thank you so so much, so that my event can run smoothly! ” 

Jeffrey Yeoh

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