Piano Rental Singapore

Piano Rental is a popular trend among Singaporeans today. It enables you to savour the luxury of having different types of Piano at an economical rate. With our Rent-to-Buy scheme, renting a piano is also risk-free investment if you are looking for the perfect piano.

Rent-to-buy Scheme
At Piano DoReMi, we offer a rent-to-own scheme in which you can purchase your favourite piano after renting it for up to 6 months rental rebate! This is equivalent to you purchasing it in the first time – a perfect plan to bond and find the right piano to walk your music journey with. With the rent-to-buy scheme, NEVER be worried that you’ll be committed to an unsuitable piano for you.

Rent A Piano For A Day!

Our 1st Event Rental for Scotts Square Chinese New Year Celebration!

We also offer event rentals to rent piano for a day. Events such as Weddings, anniversaries and gatherings – we are down to spruce up the party for you! Our past customers have enjoyed our exquisite pianos of all classes ranging from our Crisp Digital Pianos to our Warm Baby Grand Pianos.

There are many small but important details that need to be taken care of. Since our 1st event at Scotts Square, we have made significant progress and improvement. We welcome new technologies that can help us shorten our set up timing. We are also extremely familiar with all the logistic requirement at most event venue. With our experiences, we are able to forsee and advise our customers accordingly.

We are down for just almost anything! 

Piano DoReMi boasts flexible rental schemes customised for you. We are ready for any special requests that you may have. We dare you to tell us the most bizarre arrangements and we can make it happen! Trust us, we have organised an event where the Digital Piano is played at Sentosa Beach and it turned out splendid. We managed to operate a piano that runs on electricity when we don’t have any electrical plug!